Age Inclusive: Our Mission and Values


Who We Are 

Age Inclusive is a group of Associate Consultants who bring together a rich variety of relevant skills and experience relating to age diversity in the workplace including: Human Resources, Workplace Wellbeing, Business Support and Diagnostic Services, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Corporate Communications. In addition to our own projects, we also work through and alongside other major consultancy and training organisations who call on our specific skills to help them achieve their objectives.


Our Mission Statement 

The Age Inclusive Mission is “To play a pivotal role in assisting the UK economy and society to address the issues of an ageing workforce by providing high impact, cost effective solutions to businesses and organisations.”


Our Values

Age Inclusive strives for excellence in its specialist field of addressing age-related issues in the workplace. We seek to provide a professional service at all times, demanding the highest professional standards of those who work for us and represent us. We value honesty and transparency in all our dealings. We constantly seek to increase our knowledge of best practice relating to age-related issues for the benefit of our customers, their workforce and society at large.