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Title: Age and the Workplace: The ACAS Guide for Employers and Employees
Date: 2011
Written and published by: ACAS (Arbitration and Conciliation Service)
Contents: Putting the Equality Act 2010 and the removal of the default retirement age (DRA) 2011 into practice; What the law says; Monitoring; Guidance for the individual


Title: Age Discrimination at Work: Advice Guide
Date: 2011
Written and published by: Citizens Advice Bureau
Contents: What does the law mean? Retirement and age discrimination; Recruitment and age discrimination; Redundancy pay and age discrimination; Raising a grievance


Title: Age Regulations: Five Years On
Date: October 2011
Written and published by: Age UK
Contents: The impact of the equality (age) regulations; Macroeconomic factors; The impact on employers


Title: Supreme Court Judgement: Seldon v Clarkson, Wright and Jakes
Date: 25 April 2012
Written and published by: The Supreme Court
Contents: The judgement relating to a partner at a law firm that had a policy of retiring partners at the age of 65. Mr Seldon was required to retire at 65 in line with this policy and claimed that this amounted to direct age discrimination.


Title: Supreme Court Judgement: Homer v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police
Date: 25 April 2012
Written and published by: The Supreme Court
Contents: The judgement that a requirement that employees obtain a law degree before they could be promoted to the highest grade was indirect age discrimination against the claimant, who did not have enough time to complete a degree before he reached the employer's retirement age.


Title: Employment Tribunals: Directors Briefing
Date: April 2009
Written and published by: Institute of Directors / BHP Information Solutions
Contents: The tribunal process; Preventing disputes; The hearing: Legal costs


Title: Employment Tribunal Judgement: O’Reilly v BBC
Date: November 2010
Written and published by: London Central Employment Tribunal
Contents: The judgement that 53 year old Miriam O’Reilly’s removal from being a presenter of the BBC TV programme “Countryfile” was due to age discrimination. (Ms O’Reilly had been offered between £70,000 - £100,000 by the BBC not to take the case to Tribunal.)