Age Inclusive™ Workshops, Presentations and Training

As one of the UK's only specialist companies focussing on ageing in the workplace, Age Inclusive™ is ideally placed to support your organisation improve its capabilities and understanding of the subject through the delivery of a range of evidence-based workshops, presentations and training.


Most of the workshops, training courses and presentations we provide are tailor made to your own particuloar needs and situation. However, the following three options provide a good indication of the scope of our work:


Age Diverse Management Accredited Training

The "Introduction to Managing an Age Diverse Workforce" training course is delivered by Age Inclusive Ltd in partnership with training and business development specialists, SFEDI and Ingeus. It involves a full day workshop and the completion of a 72 page instructional workbook. Designed specifically for managers responsible for an age diverse workforce, it is an invaluable qualification for 21st century management. Through the European Social Fund, the course is currently free for managers from SMEs in the North East England LEP area. For more details, click here


Workshop: Generational Differences in the Workplace

In many workplaces there can be as much as 50 years difference between the oldest and the youngest employees. As a result, older managers can be responsible for overseeing the work of staff with very different life experiences; and younger managers can be given responsibility for staff who are older than their parents. This half day workshop can help managers understand the key differences between the generations, and the steps that should be taken to ensure a productive and efficient workplace.


Presentation: Ageing in the Workplace - the facts and the myths

There is a widespread understanding that a major demographic and cultural shift is underway with respect to ageing in the workplace. However, there are also many myths and inacurracies that have built up around these changes. Age Inclusive™ are the ideal choice to help your organisation separate the facts from the myths, whether you are a public sector organisation (such as a Council or a LEP), a business networking organisation (such as a Chamber of Commerce), or a research and teaching institution (such as a University or College).